Waterford Estuary Hydrodynamic Modelling Survey

In April 2017 HSL in conjunction with ABPmer completed an environmental monitoring project across the Waterford Estuary. The survey was lead by Hugh Power (HSL) and Malcolm Bowdidge (ABPmer). The survey was designed to add data to a hydrodynamic model of the estuary commissioned by the Port of Waterford.

The survey consisted of:

  • Positioning 5 static ADCPs across the estuary collecting wave and current information and concurrent turbidity, temperature and salinity information.
  • Collection of 5 downward facing ADCP transects each across a 13-hour period.
  • Acquisition of 60 sea bed samples for PSD analysis.
  • Acquisition of 166 water samples for turbidity analysis concurrent with temperature and salinity profiles.

All surveying was succesfully completed over a 2-month period.