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Multibeam survey along a proposed offshore pipeline route with combined single beam and side scan sonar survey of 5 landing terminal ends.




Bathymetric and geophysical survey to assess a 30Km route for pipeline burial extending from the Tunisian mainland to Kerkenna Island. Geophysical survey incorporated side scan sonar, magnetometer and subbottom profiling.




Bathymetric, side scan sonar and subbottom profiling survey to assess suitability of an area for placement of single point mooring.


Port Oriel,
(Clogher Head)
Co. Louth


Pre-development study involving Hydrographic, Geophysical and Archaeological Assessment study of existing pier and on-going construction surveys of the pier extension at Port Oriel , Co. Louth.


Port of Cork

  Hydrographic Surveys of Navigation Channel and Berths in Cork Harbour. This survey extends from the Custom House Bridges to Roches Point and involves continuous surveys for the period 2006 to 2010.    

Ringaskiddy Port,
Co. Cork

  Marine Site Investigations including bathymetric, geophysical and Archaeological Assessment as part of the planning stage to advance the next phase of the port development.    

Warrenpoint and Annalong, Co. Down

  Hydrodynamic Surveys of proposed outfall locations. Survey methods included Single beam bathymetry, direct reading current metering and tidal height monitoring.    
  Limerick Shannon Tunnel   On-going Hydrodynamic studies for development of proposed downstream Limerick Tunnel Crossing.    
  Waterford Estuary   Dredge monitoring survey at selected sites including the Disposal area involving: Multimeter surveys, ROV surveys, Current metering, Drogue tracking    


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